Thursday, 31 May 2007

All The Rage - again!

I'm just so thrilled that my expose' on apprearing on Trinny and Susannah has been published in the latest edition of All The Rage

I'm on page 8.

Goes to lie down now....


Mangonel said...

And not even any boob-clutching to compensate.

Do you still reckon them as knowing what they are talking about though? And do you still keep abreast (oh ha ha) with their doings?

Sylvia said...

Alas, no - I certainly haven't watched anything they've done on ITV, or even looked at the Littlewoods website.

They did highlight the value of wearing the right bra size - which 80% of women in this country don't- and of course there's the magic knickers. Never forget those!

I've been watching Gok Wan and how to look good naked - he is very kind to these ladies, but frankly they do drag it all out - a half hour programme would suffice. I watched the last one about the lady with the big bum - HA! - and I really didn't like the stuff he put her in.

Kirses said...

have printed out alltherage to read on the tube en route to friday night binge drinking...(is big, is clever)

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Brill piece. I like the "more gammon than gamine" quote! Keep up the good work.