Saturday, 25 June 2011

A night with the stars

Last night I was out again. What with the church knitting group, it's all getting a bit out of hand.

I met up with a few of the old - and not so old - Green Wing gang at UCL for this -

We had a great night, didn't win, but acquitted ourselves very well against a roomful of very brainy if slightly geeky people. JRT and SM were the stars of the night as quiz masters and I had to be forcibly removed from a big bag of doritos. As the representatives of the Green Wing Convention Recovery Group (see box set for full details) we were very well behaved. Restraining orders were not required.

On journey home, got chatted up. This is happening more and more. Is it my age? Are middle aged women seen as more of a safe bet?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Summer Solstice - Darn Sarf London way

I've been having adventures again. What with the pub quiz going feral, the church knitting group taking off, and the Biodanza experience, it could be concluded that I have enough going on, but no! Yesterday morning I found myself getting up at 3.30am to go and join a lovely group of people making their way to Pollards Hill to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

It was cloudy but dry. We started a small fire in what I can only describe as a replica of the FA cup. The smell of woodsmoke still hangs over me. We ommed, swayed, meditated, drank ginger tea and ate cake and went home. It was a wonderful experience and a lovely place. I'm going back again with the dog.

I don't think anyone saw us. We were careful not to make too much noise. But what would be the penalty be for omming in a built up area?