Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Should I have said hello, part 2

The stalwarts of the Queens of Insania and other GW fans had their mini reunion last Saturday evening at the National where two of the GW cast were doing their stuff in Landscape With Weapon.

It was a special treat for me for the following reasons:

- great opportunity to catch with with everyone from the Convention and meet up with new people who post on the JRT website. Not a bunny boiler amongst them, honest!

- a night out

- my first visit to the Cottesloe in about 30 years of going to the National

- a chance to see a play I would probably never have considered going to see in the normal way

Alas, due to timing I missed the pre play get together at the Pizza Express, so just had time for brief chats before during and after!

Oh, after. Yes, well. JRT and PH appeared at the stage door as arranged by one of the more organised members of the party. I stood a few yards away, with a few other people. We had decided, for one reason or another that we just didn't want to meet them. No-one could quite explain why, it just wasn't our thing.

The stars were charming, delightful, witty, etc etc., and everyone who met them, many not for the first time, were just thrilled, and I'm pleased for them, I really am. After all, we are the people who watch the programmes, go to the shows, buy the DVDs, post on the fan sites, etc,.

Yet, I had decided that before going that I wouldn't approach them, and amazingly enough I stuck to my decision. And I don't seem to be regretting it either.

So why the post? I don't know. Should I have said hello? Am I being standoffish? Silly? Sensible? A prat? I really don't know.
Anyway, as the Italians say - passato il santo, finito la festa - once the moment has passed, it's passed.
Answers on a postcard please!


Darcie said...

Sounds like you had a great time, and did what was right for you. I have met them at dvd signings and just seem to be struck dumb. They are lovely people, just wish my finances would allow a visit to LWW. The cosy chat they are doing on the 29th sounds great too. I find my feelings for GW hard to express. Life-changing,liberating Oh dear there I go!

Sylvia said...

Darcie, thanks very much. I think I was afraid that I would dribble - it has been known. Am going to event on 29th - should be a giggle.
And I agree - GW has been life changing, liberating, intoxicating, and the rest. A year on and there's been nothing close to it on TV.

Marsha Klein said...

I'm with you, Sylvia. Loved GW with a passion but think I would have stood back too.