Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Dream Dream Dream

I suppose my dreams are about the same as everyone else's, full of the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life.

Two recent dreams have slightly puzzled me.

Number One

My pedometer sometimes falls off its clip - I think it's trying to run off to someone thinner and more athletic.

I dreamed that I had looked down to see that I had lost the pedometer. I thought to myself that it was only a matter of time and I'd just have to get another one.

That was it, really.

Number Two

I dreamed I was going to some sort of exhibition with my mother in law. There was nothing about what the exhibition was about, but it seemed to interest lots of other old ladies who were sitting in the lounge area at the entrance. MIL starts to berate a lady about putting her handbag on a table and I'm so embarassed I sit behind her with a tablecloth on my head, much to the sympathy and amusement of the ladies who can see me.

Oh, there was a third where I had to go to someone's wedding in an Italian sort of place near Rome that I didn't know and the people there thought my clothes weren't nice enough so took me around to find nicer ones. I think a hat was involved too.

It's the ones closest to real life that puzzle me the most.

Monday, 22 October 2007

GW convention revisited

Oh, oooo toooobe is a marvellous thing. It also saves you lots of dosh. Instead of having to use up my xmas and birthday gift allocation, I can just view the extra bits on the Definitive GW box set that some kindly soul has posted up for us.

So for those of you who thought the convention was some sort of mass hysteria type thing, here goes:

I'm not actually in it, but my contribution to the furlong of bras can be seen at 3mins 10 secs into the segment. That's fame enough for me.

It was a happy happy day. I found a free parking space nearby, and the day just continued to get better and better. Oh, and I was on the quiz winning team.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Sunday in the Park

I've just come back from a long walk around Tooting Bec Common, my local stomping ground.

Dressed in my power walking gear - sensible zip pocket trakkie bottoms from Debenhams, my top from the day before, and my freebie MBTs (which replaced the previous pair I completely trashed by walking in them) - I ran away from my house for over an hour, and came back carrying a couple of red onions as I stopped at the greengrocers on the way home.

The peodmeter says 8231. Add on my trip to the supermarket this morning, this means I have done my 10,000 steps.
If I'm not careful, I'll get my pedometer addiciton again. Last year I would keep a note of my daily steps, and would spend evenings stomping around the house so that I would make the 10,000 before going to bed. No wonder the MBTs wore out.

Have a look at these shoes for yourself. I think they're fabulous. Ok, they look ridiculous, but I like them.

Anyway, back to the Common. It's such a lovely day today and I just had to get out there. The park was busy with families, dogs, and all sorts. I stomped around, listening to my husband's little radio. It's really a great way to spend the afternoon, listening to the radio, watching all the people, and hugging my favourite oak tree - obviously whilst no-one was looking!

Now I'll get the house to myself as they all go off to see Granny. Bliss. Pity I'll spend the time doing my admin work, and get the dinner ready. Perhaps I'll just do some yoga instead........

Thursday, 11 October 2007

A Glimmer of Hope?

I was going to call this post 'Who am I kidding' but decided that it was time, after all this time, to be more positive.
For the past four weeks I have been taking part in a walking body blitz. This has involved pounding the paths of South London commons and getting intimate with a resistance band in the privacy of my own bedroom - the children nearly made themselves sick laughing at me, so I had to hide myself away.
Alas, the feeding frenzies have continued, so I am not the shadow of my former self that I'd hoped for. As usual, it's all my fault and I have no-one else to blame.
Have there been any benefits? Well, I have been out walking at least three times a week with a gang of determined ladies in their MBTs. Well, I'd better clarify that, I scuttle after a bunch of fit toned women who are all at least 4 dress sizes smaller than me. That would be a far more realistic description.
Anyway, it's been a good laugh, and even getting lost in Richmond Park, surrounded by vicious looking deer, wasn't such a bad experience.

I could now go on and write about my weight loss hell, but it's all too dull, and even I'm bored witless. Want to get thin? Stop stuffing your face and move about more. There, end of story, now get on with something more interesting.

My angel card for today is Power. Hmm. Very interesting. Certainly could do with some!
Try it for yourselves:

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

All the Rage - October - Fantasy and Adventure

She's done it again - Leila's put together another fantastic edition of All The Rage.

And I'm in it - again! She's very kind, including my stuff.

So give it a read: