Monday, 11 June 2007

A Great Night Out

Well, don't get out often, especially if you exclude yoga and any GW related activities. So, Friday night at the Bloomsbury Theatre was a real treat - Sandi Toksvig and Bonnie Langford in their two-woman one-woman show, Short and Curly.
I went with Carol from Dagenham, who got the tickets. She was on fine form, and we were ready to enjoy ourselves. Carol and I are huge Sandi fans and frankly our emails - I am Sylvia from Streatham - were the highlight of her show on LBC. When the show came to an end, frankly, I was slightly relieved. I was so addicted to the show that I simply couldn't leave the house whenever it was on. The lunches I missed out on just to listen to Sandi and her guests womble on about stuff.
Sandi and Bonnie were fantastic - Bonnie sang a few numbers, and they both told a few stories. Doesn't sound like much, but you just had to be there to see it, sorry.

Carol and I hung around the bar for a while after the show, but not for long enough, alas, to renew our aquaintance with the stars.
Apparently their next project is a musical version of Three Sisters to be performed at Chichester next year. The third sister is going to be Dillie Keane from Flaming Aida, who happened to be in the audience.

I am writing this as I listen to Alexander O'Neal's Greatest Hits. Yes, I'm that old. When I listen to those songs, I think of Guy Secretan. I think this would be his sort of music.

Don't let people interfere, just come on and love me your way.....the lovers win every time.....

In the time I have been writing this, I have cleared half the 27 carrier bags that litter the dining room (yes, we're entertaining this weekend, hence the panic tidy up) by redistributing them around the house, had encounters of the baffling kind with my three daughters, and changed CDs. I'm now listening to Claudio Baglioni's greatest hits from the 1970s. Now that really IS reliving my youth.

Non stavo gia piu qua ... e la verita, tu non lo sai.... tu hai capito male se credi che sto zitto...

Now I'm really rambling.

As you were.


Mangonel said...

Your mess starts out in carrier bags? My version of tidying up consists of putting mess into carrier bags. Then they go into the corner cabinet, where, when I rediscover them after two years, I can just chuck the stuff straight out.

I'm considering paying my mother-in-law to visit every couple of weeks, so I have to keep the place tidy.

Brr - no I'm not.

Sylvia said...

well, it's bags left over from various outings, stuff given to us by well meaning people, etc.
I'm trying to do this bit by bit. Otherwise it's all just going in a big black sack and straight into the bin!