Sunday, 22 July 2007

And she's off!

It's finally come round at last - the day before the holidays.

Despite my efforts, I have a to do list the length of my arm and then some more. Little things mysteriously appear at the last moment.

I have just checked in online and printed our boarding passes. Choosing the seats is interesting - I made a slight adjustment, only to be advised that someone else had just snaffled that seat! Many of the seats had aleady been taken - and the checking facility had only just been opened.

I have a day ahead of me of frantic tail chasing, most of which could have been avoided. I will swear that I'm going to bed early - we're leaving the house at 4.30 am - but I know I'll be still up at 1am doing stuff, or looking for things that are suddenly are essential items.

I'll try to blog while I'm away, but it won't be easy having to rely on local internet cafes.

The image on the left shows where we're going.
The image on the right shows one of the views we get.

Must go and do stuff now!

Friday, 13 July 2007

I've been ill all week

Another week wasted. Another week when I didn't makes inroads into The Novel.

I've been ill since last Saturday.

Some coldie fluy thing that has laid me low.

But I still had to provide the meals - no let up there.

Still, it mean that I've already done the reading for the September meeting of our bookclub - quite a feat, really, and am now reading a Susan Jeffers book Dare to Connect. It's all about hugging strangers, or something like that.

One more week, and we're off on The Hols to the Planet Naboo (aka Lake Como) so that should be a change of scenery.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Worried Parents

The Girl from Ipanema has gone camping in Wales this week with a gang of friends I've never heard of before.

Well, what else was she going to do, apart from stay in bed all week. At least she'll get some use out of the all the gear I bought for her in Millets when she did her DOE last year.

I wish I'd had the opportunity to get trenchfoot in a tent when I was her age!

Even before she left, I started to feel unwell - a sort of viral coldie thing. I have been in bed ever since she left. I'm very sick - I only get out of bed to cook meals and collect Feral Child from schools. She texts once a day to tell me that she's still alive. Today the text actually contained some information - they had all got sunburnt. I had to laugh, that was the one thing I didn't warn her to take precautions about!

This has happened before. When she went on the school cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean I developed crippling backache which only got better after her return. I don't think I slept for a week. Well, wouldn't you if your child went to Beirut on a day trip?

So I'm going to bed now. She's back on Saturday. I'll see if I get any better then. I'll have to be better to deal with the mountain of washing she'll bring back with her.

My husband has an easy way out. He just blames me for everything.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Free Nekkid Ladies!!!

I have just received an email from Beyond Chocolate , a non dieting weight loss outfit run by two sisters with a passion for chocolate.

Dawn Porter (of Super Slim Me) is holding a nekkid lady flashmob somewhere in London on Monday 9 July.

If you fancy joining in, here's the link for more info:

*** CALLING ALL WOMEN *** I am a journalist with one thing in mind. I am growing a little tired of being fed images of women who most of us could never look like, at least without some serious cosmetic surgery. I want to see REAL women, in abundance. So, I am trying to get as many women as possible, to meet me on Monday the 9th of July in a secret location and whip oiff their clothes. The ULTIMATE Flashmob! Keep your eye on this page for details of when and where, and subscribe to the blog so that you are kept fully aware of what's going on. This is REALLY going to happen. It is for my new BBC Documentry, get involved. It will be AMAZING!!! Come and show off your beautiful bodies in celebration of the TRUE female form, and remind the world what it is to be a real, live, 100% organic woman - freed from hang-ups as well as clothes. Full nudity is not compulsory, wear as little as you like… Fig leaves may be provided… To find out where and when CALL 07921 609 588 or EMAIL Let's do it!!! x x x Full nudity is NOT compulsory, wear as little as you like.
Who I'd like to meet:Women who wanna get naked....and just wanna show the world what they got. Let's just get it out, and get on with it! Sorry lads, girls only x

I would like to assure all my readers that I will NOT be participating in this - Milena would be there like a shot, but I, alas, would only attract the attention of those thinking yet another whale had taken a wrong turning.......

Sunday, 1 July 2007

All The Rage - July 2007 edition

Here it is, the July 2007 edition of All The Rage!

I have two articles in it this time - pp 8 and 20 - but don't let that spoli your enjoyment of this wonderful magazine. And you don't even have to recycle it when you've finished reading it!