Saturday, 26 May 2007

Should I have said hello, part 3

Another Saturday night, and I'm searching for some new posts. As most people have a full and active social life, I have to provide my own post here.
On planned impulse, I trekked up to the South Bank this afternoon to catch up with the Queens of Insania. They were at the matinee of Landscape With Weapon and I thought I'd pop along to say hello.
I arrived at just the right time - I could hear applauding from the auditorium and minutes later the gang were all there. We all congregated around the stage door, waiting for the man himself - my plan was to hide behind a pillar as usual, but you know what? by virtue of taking a few photos for people, I just said hello. There. Wasn't so painful after all.
He was very pleasant. I didn't dribble, although I don't quite know how he took my comment about having to keep the punters happy.
I think it's about time I got over myself, don't you think?
And breathe.


Darcie said...

JRT has that effect on people. My obbsession has given me a whole new perspective, I have tried very hard but just can't give him up! He has transported me back to my youth, which is absolutely marvellous if not a bit worrying. Sylvia I am so envious that you got to see him again.

Darcie said...

Excuse the spelling mistake it was the excitement of writing about JRT that caused it! Oops...