Thursday, 14 June 2007

Round and round the common....

I've not been long back from my latest exercise venture. Once a week, I am taken for a brisk walk round Clapham Common by a very nice lady who is most encouraging. Round and round we go, past au pairs, yummy mummys, small children, elderly people, cyclists, dubious characters lurking in bushes, a Chinese circus, and a snack van, billowing bacon fumes.

On each circuit, I relive my youth, as I grew up in the area. There's the pond we would chuck all the hockey balls so we could go home early, there's the side road I shot out of one dark night in my mum's Fiat 127 and was chased by the irate white van driver who I cut up, there's the pub where we used to congregate.

We do resistence exercises, stretching, and other stuff.

Today was session 6.

And then I go home, in the car. Maybe one day I'll actually walk there!

Along with walking to yoga twice a week and an exercise session on Wandsworth Common, I drag my carcass around roads and parks. Maybe one day I'll see a difference.


Mangonel said...

I'm tired just reading about it. And when it rains . . .?

Sylvia said...

I bring my cagoul to every session! Lady who runs it assures me that the show will go on regardless of the elements.

I didn't mention that most of us wear MBTs, those shoes that make you wobble if you don't stand up properly in them.

And no, they haven't helped my cellulite. Yet.