Tuesday, 19 June 2007

A fun night out

Well, last night was different from my usual Monday night. Instead of going to yoga and frantically tidying up the house before the cleaner's arrival the following morning, I went to see Tom Jones at Hampton Court Palace with my old pal V and her friend J.

What a fantastic place to be on a beautiful summer evening! Everything went like clockwork, although I didn't have time to change before leaving, but a good walk in the breeze got rid of the chip oil fumes.

The old boy was on good form. Our seats were great. Pants were thrown. Celebrities included Jimmy Tarbuck, some bloke from celebrity come dancing, and Vanessa Feltz with her fiance. She looked fab and made me feel a right frump.

We danced along to all the obvious hits, but stayed seated for the quiet stuff - I think we're too old for all that standing.

walking back to the car, felt I could have hidden in the grounds and looked at the fabulous view all night, but no, had to get home for some washing up and laundry sorting.

My husband barely turned his head from wacky police chases series 27 when I came in.

I washed up and went to bed.


Around My Kitchen Table said...

Sounds a great night out. So hubby was watching wacky police chases when you got home. My dearly beloved always seems to be watching Aircraft Investigations (all about plane crashes)when I get home from a girls' night out. There's definitely something wrong with him!

Mangonel said...

Mine leaps up from the sofa and pretends he has been doing the washing up all evening.

But hey, with TJ in your head, did you care?