Monday, 19 November 2007

Update on tripe from Waitrose

I've just received this email:

Thank you for your response to Sam Holden’s Biting Talk piece. As you can imagine we had quite a response to this feature but I can assure we read every letter with great interest. I can only apologise if you did not enjoy the issue, as I’m sure you can appreciate the piece was meant to provoke debate rather than offend. In any case I certainly hope we do better by you next month!
Your letter will be considered for publication in next month’s issue.

Thank you for your interest in Waitrose Food Illustrated and I do hope you continue to enjoy the magazine.

Yours sincerely
William Sitwell

I could be in line for something fancy if Outraged from Parsons Green doesn't beat me to it!

And here's Sam Holden's partner's response in the Daily Mail:

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