Sunday, 25 November 2007

My Day Out at the Yoga Show

Yes, I've been allowed out!

On Friday I treated myself to a visit to the Yoga Show at Olympia. Not to be confused with Erotica 07, for which the ticket touts were out in force.

I was all prepared, having perused the list of exhibitors in advance as I had to be back for the school run later in the afternoon. I visited every stand, and bought the following:

support vest top from Yamarama - had my eye on one for ages! Of course, I had to promise my daughters that I would only wear it under at least 3 tops as I am far too old and fat to show it off.
mat bag for £5
yoga pose picture cards for children
a pair of elephants with trunks raised for a friend in Italy as she collects them
a yoga against osteoporosis book for a friend

The demos were interesting - the first was a yoga teacher/comedian demonstrating Yoga for Geezers - how builders can incorporate yoga poses into their everyday lives. He was very good and an absolute hoot. Then there was the legendary Duncan Wong who gave a master class on the cat pose. Not the Duncan Wong who took my daughter's tonsils out.

I also visited the yoga for children stands where I opened up to earnest women keen to bendify my children. I gave my yoga teacher's number away to a woman who claimed to have taught him. I became increasingly upset and demoralised at being in a big room with hundreds of bendy people who all looked fantastic while I could earn good money as a Waynetta Slob impersonator. Everyone I spoke to was really friendly, and there was a great atmosphere, but I felt myself on the verge of a panic attack so was glad to leave.

Luckily I was distracted by the scantily clad ladies queuing up for the cash machine outside the Erotica show, but I really needed that cold brisk walk through the park to calm me down a bit!

A bit of Christmas Fair setting up after school brought me back to earth - nothing like trying to find the end of a roll of sellotape to sort you out!


YogaDawg said...

Would you happen to know the yoga teacher/comedian? Always looking for a yoga laugh.


Sylvia said...

This is the link!

Quite a hoot! It was a very popular event.