Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Wrinkly Management

What about it? Doesn't Nivea have a product to deal with it? No, not wrinkle management, I mean the management of those who have lots of wrinkles. Old people.

My old person who needs managing is my mother in law. Another Doctor's appointment today, instigated by me, please don't tell her, she's already a bit suspicious. This on prescribed nose drops. We nod, leave, get the prescription, which no doubt will never come out of the bag, and move on to the real business of the day, a trip to M&S.

We stock up on old lady stuff. This is actually no different to mine, except that she has far better taste. We pay, go on to buy some food, and then leave.

We have lunch back at her flat where she confesses to me she hasn't had a proper meal for ages. We eat up, attack some of her Easter egg, and then I leave to deal with her grandchildren.

I phone other members of the family and tell them what's been going on. They almost sound grateful. What they don't realise is that I'm doing it for my own benefit, trying to control an uncontrollable situation. Trying to accept that after over 20 years of wrangling with her, we may be near the end. Up to now, I thought she was immortal. Now I suspect that she isn't.

It's the dependancy, really. Showing her things in the shop, I thought I was beginning to choose things for her. It was quite sad, really.

I keep hoping that she'll be back on an even keel soon and will be back to her old ways.

We'll see.

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