Sunday, 18 May 2008

All revved up and one mile to go!

That was my mantra when I was in Hyde Park this morning when I reached mile 25 of the Moonwalk.
I did it, I effing well did it!
What an experience! The people, the atmosphere, everything.
Mercifully for the people of London, I kept my fleece on all the time so my bra was well covered at all times.
I did it in 8 hours - my aim was to do it by then. I was the last of my group to finish, but no matter - it appears I was only 10 minutes behind them. I was glad I was on my own, as I was very concerned about holding people back. Well, I was never really on my own, as there were 15,000 of us all together.
For me, it was just a walk, but for most people it was a journey of high emotion, especially when we passed the Marsden and I overheard a group of ladies agreeing to stop and hold onto the railing for a few minutes. I don't think that stretching was what they had in mind at that point.

Reaching the mile 26 sign was incredible. I then went to collect my medal and goodie bag, and met up with the gang. They were being collected by husbands, and I staggered home on the 137.

I got home, waved my medal at my incredulous family, and promptly fell face down on the bed and stayed there for the rest of the day. I'm just pleased I organised the following week before the Walk. If I drop dead, at least my husband has clean shirts for a week.

Am off to book my mobility scooter. I will never knowingly walk another step again.


Marsha said...

Congratulations Sylvia! Bloody well done you. I was thinking about you earlier today while Daisy and I were out doing a training walk. If we can manage 8 hours in a months' time we'll be well pleased.
Will you keep walking (for exercise, I mean) do you think?

Ham said...

Well done! May only be a small chance that there is a photo of you (if you remember a cyclist in a red helmet and yellow jacket, that was me), but I was taking some pictures of the walk, links are here:

Maus said...

Hurrah well done! Great achievement.

llewtrah said...

Well done! I used to do long sponsored walks, but these days the damaged back (badly designed hospital equipment when I worked in a hospital and later on a car smash) won't stand up to the punishment, so I am truly admiring of your achievement.

Sylvia said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! Marsha, I will certainly keep up the walking - I went on a gentle walk this morning. I'm actually better off moving around - getting up after sitting even for a short time is really difficult.
Ham - I will certianly have a lookat the photos, but I can assure you that I kept my fllece well and tryly ON all night - it was jolly cold. And I did promise my daughters that I wouldn't bare anything......

pleite said...

Good for you for doing it!

GreatSheElephant said...

Congratulations and well done!

I wasn't aware you were allowed to cover the bra up though.

Sylvia said...

Well, there didn't seem to be anyone checking! A few people did cover themselves up, but the rest wore the rain ponchos provided to keep the cold and wind off them. Everyone did strip off at the end for the photo! Even I pulled my zip down a bit!