Monday, 22 October 2007

GW convention revisited

Oh, oooo toooobe is a marvellous thing. It also saves you lots of dosh. Instead of having to use up my xmas and birthday gift allocation, I can just view the extra bits on the Definitive GW box set that some kindly soul has posted up for us.

So for those of you who thought the convention was some sort of mass hysteria type thing, here goes:

I'm not actually in it, but my contribution to the furlong of bras can be seen at 3mins 10 secs into the segment. That's fame enough for me.

It was a happy happy day. I found a free parking space nearby, and the day just continued to get better and better. Oh, and I was on the quiz winning team.


Marsha Klein said...

Thanks for the heads up there, Sylvia. I spotted for myself (only briefly, mercifully) chatting to James Henry at the bar! I was on his, losing, quiz team. It was all a bit mad really, wasn't it? I'm much better now!!

Sylvia said...

All a bit mad? It was completely barking. Still, it was a great day thanks to the fantastic organisation.

james henry said...

I was crap, it was true. I think the rest of my team were quite annoyed with me.

Sorry team.

Marsha Klein said...

James, if the rest of the team were annoyed with you, I wasn't aware of it. I was so delighted to meet you, the man whom I have to thank for introducing me to blogging AND being one of the Green Wing writers, I wouldn't have cared if you'd answered all the questions in Sanskrit. Although I would have been impressed.

Since I realised the convention was on YouTube, I have been making a big deal of my very brief "appearance". Only to my kids and their friends, though. Teenagers are quite impressed by things like that.