Thursday, 11 October 2007

A Glimmer of Hope?

I was going to call this post 'Who am I kidding' but decided that it was time, after all this time, to be more positive.
For the past four weeks I have been taking part in a walking body blitz. This has involved pounding the paths of South London commons and getting intimate with a resistance band in the privacy of my own bedroom - the children nearly made themselves sick laughing at me, so I had to hide myself away.
Alas, the feeding frenzies have continued, so I am not the shadow of my former self that I'd hoped for. As usual, it's all my fault and I have no-one else to blame.
Have there been any benefits? Well, I have been out walking at least three times a week with a gang of determined ladies in their MBTs. Well, I'd better clarify that, I scuttle after a bunch of fit toned women who are all at least 4 dress sizes smaller than me. That would be a far more realistic description.
Anyway, it's been a good laugh, and even getting lost in Richmond Park, surrounded by vicious looking deer, wasn't such a bad experience.

I could now go on and write about my weight loss hell, but it's all too dull, and even I'm bored witless. Want to get thin? Stop stuffing your face and move about more. There, end of story, now get on with something more interesting.

My angel card for today is Power. Hmm. Very interesting. Certainly could do with some!
Try it for yourselves:


llewtrah said...

Billy and I walked round Richmond Park deer-spotting and parakeet-spotting. This was, in part, due to me deciding I needed more exercise to burn off the yummy curries. Even if you don't lose weight, hopefully you'll lose fat and gain muscle and have nicely toned legs :)

Marsha Klein said...

Good for you Sylvia (in more ways than one!) You are good at being positive about and supportive to others around here - nice to see you doing for yourself. Forget the laughing children. Anyway, they're only laughing at you to distract themselves from their own inner demons.

You go, girl!

Sylvia said...

thanks for your comments!
There must be some progress - I had to walk up to the fourth floor of a warehouse today, so lots of stairs. Normally I have to stop at least once to catch my breath. Not today! I went up there at a steady pace and only had to take a short break at the top to get my breath back.