Friday, 7 September 2007


I have found a new hobby - finding out how to use up the five litre container of vinegar that I bought recently from the Wing Yip Chinese supermarket along the Purley Way.
I'm being egged on by a little book, which tells me how to use vinegar for everything from delousing children to making cheese.

I'm actually about to head off to Waitrose to buy some goat's milk. To make cheese. Wouldn't it just be easier to buy the goat's cheese?

So this is how I'm celebrating my freedom now all the buggers are back at their maximum security facilities. Actually, not secure enough, if you ask me - they seem to reappear every afternoon demanding food and an internet connection.

Better go and stock up on food - Am off out tomorrow. All day. And none of them are coming with me. I'm so excited!!!!


Marsha Klein said...

Where are you off to then? Mr K and I are Berlin bound tomorrow, also sans children (although at the moment it seems like almost too much effort)

llewtrah said...

Would that be the little book from discount stores on 100 uses for vinegar (or some title along those lines). It can also be used for descaling sinks and toilets.

Sylvia said...

yes! It's that book with the curvy bottle of vinegar on the front.
I haven't tried pouring vinegar down the loo yet, but the cheese came out very well.