Friday, 10 August 2007

All The Rage - August 2007

I'm back, I'm back!
After nearly three weeks on the Planet Naboo I'm back in Shangri - La, South London.
It was mostly good fun, the weather was mostly great, and I behaved myself - most of the time....

Here's the latest edition of All The Rage - a great read as ever.


Mangonel said...

Weeps, wails and gnashes teeth (not at your return. Hooray for that) but ATR really makes me miss London.

Sylvia said...

we went to the last day of the summer exhibition yesterday.
Had a great laugh playing 'guess how much this one is going for!'

The best bit was swanning past the queue waiting to pay and heading straight upstairs and through to the exhibition. Even my husband was impressed.

We used the money saved to buy lunch.

AND we got a parking space a five minute walk away. Mr Commuter does not do public transport at weekends.