Friday, 6 July 2007

Free Nekkid Ladies!!!

I have just received an email from Beyond Chocolate , a non dieting weight loss outfit run by two sisters with a passion for chocolate.

Dawn Porter (of Super Slim Me) is holding a nekkid lady flashmob somewhere in London on Monday 9 July.

If you fancy joining in, here's the link for more info:

*** CALLING ALL WOMEN *** I am a journalist with one thing in mind. I am growing a little tired of being fed images of women who most of us could never look like, at least without some serious cosmetic surgery. I want to see REAL women, in abundance. So, I am trying to get as many women as possible, to meet me on Monday the 9th of July in a secret location and whip oiff their clothes. The ULTIMATE Flashmob! Keep your eye on this page for details of when and where, and subscribe to the blog so that you are kept fully aware of what's going on. This is REALLY going to happen. It is for my new BBC Documentry, get involved. It will be AMAZING!!! Come and show off your beautiful bodies in celebration of the TRUE female form, and remind the world what it is to be a real, live, 100% organic woman - freed from hang-ups as well as clothes. Full nudity is not compulsory, wear as little as you like… Fig leaves may be provided… To find out where and when CALL 07921 609 588 or EMAIL Let's do it!!! x x x Full nudity is NOT compulsory, wear as little as you like.
Who I'd like to meet:Women who wanna get naked....and just wanna show the world what they got. Let's just get it out, and get on with it! Sorry lads, girls only x

I would like to assure all my readers that I will NOT be participating in this - Milena would be there like a shot, but I, alas, would only attract the attention of those thinking yet another whale had taken a wrong turning.......


Mangonel said...

My money's on Milena not turning up either - surely she has way too much class, as indeed do you.

Sylvia said...
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Sylvia said...

You are too kind!
I actually have way too much cellulite.
My husband would like to see this event, though.
He actually asked if they had a ladies changing room only membership at our local gym. Inspired by my tales of the outrageous goings on in the ladies' changing room, he wished that he could go and spend the day there with the papers and a supply of coffee, all comfy on a squishy sofa.
Surprisingly enough, it appears that it's not possible to have changing room only memberships at gyms.

Around My Kitchen Table said...

What a brilliant idea. Women are all different shapes and sizes so it's wrong that only one type is deemed "right" and the rest "wrong". However .... I shall be keeping my own clothes on as I don't want to frighten the horses.
P.S. Couldn't connect to the All The Rage, which is a shame because I really enjoy your contributions. I'll try again later.