Monday, 21 January 2008

Another Saturday Night.....

So far this year, there have been three Saturday Nights.

On the first, as detailed in a previous post, I spent a wild evening with some wild women watching reruns of Green Wing in a pub in Bermondsey St, SE1. Oh, and it was my birthday (thank you all for your good wishes).

On the second, I decided at the last minute to accept an invitation to a concert/meditation featuring the amazing Gabriella Kapfer. Didn't know what to expect, but it was a wonderful experience.

On the third, my husband and I went to see Much Ado at the National starring Zoe Wanamaker and Simon Russell Beale. What a fantastic performance. Even my husband, who's seriously allergic to anything cultural, enjoyed himself. And we saw Joanna Lumley in the car park! What could be better than that? It was a pity that when we got home we discovered that our house had been trashed by young people with too much coca cola in them, but never mind....

So what about this coming Saturday? will that be it, now, for the rest of the year? I am doing the moonwalk in May, so that's at least one more Saturday booked up, but I fear that will be it now, and I'll have to spend Saturdays as usual, in the bosom of my family, elbow deep in washing up.

Any suggestions, anyone??

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